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Customised Products

Presentation Solutions will help make organising important information for your event, conference or business simple with customised printing and digital printing options available, all products are custom made to meet your requirements.

PVC Pockets

Variety of sizes available and can be made with an adhesive on the back.

Mouse pads / Desk Pads

Mouse pads and Desk pads are seen every time somebody is at a computer, they are one of the most effective methods of brand advertising. Encapsulated with printed material supplied they can also be used as promotional giveaways or calendars. Mouse pads and Desk pads can contain digital printing or customized printing or images.

Carry Files / Datacases

Attractive and professional. A great way to transport important information safely. Carry Files / Datacases come in a variety of sizes and can be plain or contain customised printing or digital printing.



Example of customed Datacase

Datacase 2

Other example of customed Datacase

Computer Binders

Container Board or Polyprop


Make the point of difference by presenting your products or information in packaging that is unique to your business. Customised priniting or digital printing options using your brand and company colours will add a personal touch as well as advertising of your business.

Customised Products To Suit

• Wine bottle holders
• PVC Pouches
• Clipboards
• Conference Satchels
• Menu Covers
• Luggage Tags
• Credit Card Holders
• Wallets
• Compendiums
• Diary Covers
• Travel Wallets

• Document Sleeves
• Hang Sell Puches & Sleeves
• Name Tags
• Key Tags
• Slip Cases
• Map Holders
• Book Covers
• Business Card
• Holders

• CD Sleeves
• Drivers License Holders
• Fuel Card Holders
• Car Registration Stickers

The finished product is limited only by your imagination.

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